Best Eye Doctors in Austin, Texas

Eye Exams in Austin Texas Austin has many talented eye doctors and optometrists to choose from. As Austin natives, we happen to know from experience and word of mouth which eye doctors are the best in the business around here, and where you'll get the finest treatment and customer service for all kinds of eye care needs:
  • Basic Eye Exams
  • Eyeglass fittings and shopping
  • Contact lens fittings and prescriptions
  • Blepharitis
  • Cataracts
  • Eye discomfort
  • Unique eye problems

Dr. Azadi - Freedom Eye Care

Eye Contacts in Austin Texas

By far the best eye doctor in Austin, Dr. Azadi was an optometrist in Austin for many years before he opened Freedom Eye Care. He is kind, talented, and highly skilled when it comes to optometry. His practice also has an amazing staff and tons of glasses and contacts to choose from. They can even set you up with bulk contacts on regular delivery, and their new South Austin location is *amazing*.

Freedom Eye Care, South Austin - - 4211 S. Lamar Ste E3, Austin, Texas 78704

Modern Eyes

These guys have a good reputation, and they are also a full service eye care facility. They obviously spent a lot of money creating a "modern" looking optical center, which might make some question where their priorities are, but as far as North Austin goes, they are a solid choice.

Modern Eyes - - 2222 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas 78705

Best Optometrists in Austin Texas

Optique Eyeware

Also a well known eye doctor and eye wear shop, their downtown location is less convenient than the other recommendations on this page, particularly because downtown parking has become such an insane mess in recent years. But they know what they're doing, and they tend to appeal to the hipster and wealthy crowds around town. They have a good reputation.

Optique Eyeware - - 360 Nueces St, Austin, Texas 78701

Downtown skyline in Austin Texas